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Banglacafe Chat Network

BanglaCafe was created to help bridge the gaps between Bangladeshi people everywhere in the hope of bringing everyone together in a harmonious group.
We understand that there is a long way to go before we can achieve such a community.. but computers and the Internet are making the impossible possible everyday - especially in the realm of media communication. There are numerous websites related to Bangladesh and the Bangladeshi community which collectively enrich us everyday and in so many ways. BanglaCafe is our contribution to this on-going effort to help develop a Positive and Uplifting community that will help Bangladesh step into the 21st century.

Banglacafe Life:


BanglaCafe was founded in October 1999. It was just an IRC room at the beginning stage. Some other features such as Free email, MatchMaking, Music, Games etc. were added later on. After one year, BanglaCafe launched its own independent IRC server, which is currently the biggest Bangladeshi owned IRC server on the net! BanglaCafe IRC Network ( is running in Chicago, IL, USA.

BanglaCafe was first started by few online friend's dedicated enthusiasm and hard work. Few names that must have to mention here are, Lincoln, Fubu, Shonchita Islam, Nimun, Nishi, A.K.M. Islam, Rocket, Russel, MR9, Subid, Prince, Purna, Lovelu, Alvi, Voipai, XAN, Neelakash, KILLA_UK , GouroB , Eros. Also hundreds of online friends, without their encouragement and advice nothing would have been possible; our thanks goes to all of them from the bottom of our hearts.


Network Admins
Lovelu (Lovelu)

Voipai (Ronjon)

XaN (Faisal)

KILLA_UK (Alamgir)

JUBAiR (Jubair)

GouroB (Salman)

Nickle (Sohel)
Services Admins
Protic (Mustafiz)

Server Admins
Bouncer ( Hasnain )

Chuchu (Mukta)

HD ( Osman )

Kins ( Rasel )

BrownGuy ( Abdul Lateef )

ALicE ( Katie )
Server Co-Admin
Wabbit (Shammi)

Tasu (Tasrin)

Aparajita (Aparajita)

kRYPTiK (Onir)

Mrinmoy (Ratul)



R0N0 (Rono)

D0N (Samin)


  • BanglaCafe Java & Irc Server are running in Chicago, IL, USA. Both servers are on a Multi gigE network running on Freebsd. Web server is running on Apache Web Server ( Apache 1.3 )
  • BanglaCafe Website is designed/maintained by Alvi Sharif
  • BanglaCafe Java Chat Applets is designed by Alvi Sharif / GouroB
  • BanglaCafe IRC servers (SSL & non-SSL) maintained by GouroB / JUBAiR

IRC news and info:

IRC Server (chat server) Updates
  • We now have a new Java Chat applet running now on Indigo server, with a secure (SSL supported) applet color-chooser option mIRC-like chat applet. It is now available. Thank you, for your patience, on behalf of BanglaCafe Administration.
  • If you are having difficulties in accessing our main Java Chat, and don't want to use or can't use mIRC, click to access our CGI Chat.
  • Those of you who would like to download the new updated BanglaCafe's own BCIRC script, can now download it by going to the BanglaCafe mIRC page. You can also download directly from one of the two links either in EXE format or ZIP format. After downloading and installing it, please register it by going to the help menu and register. Use Name: bcirc Serial: 1848-199386 This way, the annoying pop-up window will no longer appear.
  • Our new and improved BCIRC script comes with a SSL connection, which is both secured and encrypted. On top of that, you no longer have to wait in #support channel for some AOP to force join you to #bangladesh channel. The script will automatically take you there... fast!!! AND BCIRC has many cool features, popups, and add-ons, which most other scripts do not!
  • Those of you, who wish to write or add your own scripts, are encouraged to download the plain version of BCIRC which is simply mIRC version 6.16, but with the added benefit of accessing our SSL connection. Download that from here.
  • New chatters or Java Chat members, who are not sure about mIRC commands and their functions, can click on the following link to learn more about IRCD Commands. Please note that these commands are mostly for mIRC client, and might not work for other types or IRC clients or Java Chat applets.
  • Avalon server for non SSL users (/server To get to the Java Chat page, instead, simply click on Chat tab above.
  • Excalibur server for SSL users. Using Avalon, users now can join directly to channel #bangladesh without waiting in #support. Use your own mirc script with this tiny SSL supported script just by downloading & installing our "SSL Library -")
  • Services have been updated and upgraded, and now any users can register their nicks by typing (/msg nickserv register password emailaddress). It is veryimportant that you use a real email address and not a fake one, as if you forget your password, it will be emailed to you. Please download BanglaCafe's BCiRC mirc script, as it has many important info. in it, and connect via it.
  • Special News : A new fast, efficient game server will soon be implemented for some multiplayer gaming as well as other chat-based gaming, called Phoenix. Currently, XaN and Jubair are working on it. Stay tuned for further information. Avalon has been made open for direct connect.
  • All java users please clean your cache files , in order to make sure that you are using the latest JavaChat. To clean your cache Open a Internet explorer , go to the Tool & then go to Internet option & click " detele cookies " & " delete files " It will remove all your cache files.
  • For BanglaCafe's administrative group, here is the new and updated Rules Page. Please read through it carefully and follow it.
  • For those of you who are interested in becoming an AOP (Moderator), or for those AOPs who think they should become IRCOPs (Operators), please check out this page on AOPs/IRCOPs: Fact vs. Fiction. It is highly recommended that you adhere to those facts BEFORE asking for either status.

Other News
  • BanglaCafe's MatchMaking section is now open. Membership is totally FREE, and you may meet your future significant other here. Due to popular demand, we have moved this to a totally new and independent website. Please visit Planet Bangladesh.
  • New Upgrade: BanglaCafe's forum BanglaForum has recently been upgraded with more, richer features and options, and a newer better look. Many new options and services have been added to it. Please check out our sister website and sign up if you haven't already. Membership is FREE.
  • New addition: BanglaCafe's latest version of its script, BCiRC has been released. Get it here.
  • New addition: BanglaCafe's services has additional InfoServ and OpServ. InfoServ is for BanglaCafe's chat-related stats, and OpServ is for BanglaCafe's Op related services.
  • Under Construction: SupremeShells is going through some more upgrades and updates, and has been temporarily closed for now. Rest assured, it will be back again very soon, with better service offers and pricing for all your hosting, or any shell related stuff. We offer awesome prices, competetive discounts, and excellent service as well as outstanding customer service.
  • For BanglaCafe's administrative group, here is the new and updated Rules Page. Please read through it carefully and follow it.
  • For those of you who are interested in becoming an AOP (Moderator), or for those AOPs who think they should become IRCOPs (Operators), please check out this page on AOPs/IRCOPs: Fact vs. Fiction. It is highly recommended that you adhere to those facts BEFORE asking for either status.
  • Upcoming new addition: A mIRC page is currently under development, specifically for BanglaCafe and its members and users. This page will contain mIRC scripts and addons, developed and uploaded by our administrative group for everyone's use. Moreover, it will also include some basic general mIRC related help, and commands list etc. as well as scripting related support. Be on the lookout for it here. We will keep you updated on its development and final release. - BanglaCafe Administration

Banglacafe Get togather:


BanglaCafe is currently the one of the biggest Bangla premiere entertainment website on the net! We like to call ourselves a 'community' rather than just a regular website. Our online community is built by thousand of users from thousands of different places all over the world. Unlike other websites, our users know each other, make new friends and communicate with each other LIVE everyday through BanglaCafe!

We are not just even an online community existing on the net, we have extended our community in the real world too. Not to mention about individual interaction and meeting in real life, we have also arranged few BIG get-together events on behalf of our site

BanglaCafe's first Get-together was in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was organized in December, 2001. More than 350 users joined the event and more than 300 tickets were sold. The show was a huge success. Along with many singers/bands, there were lots of events in the program. The whole show was broadcasted live for the users abroad who couldn't join the program. Please Click here for few pictures captured from the show.

BanglaCafe second Get-Together was organized in UK, June 2002. A day trip was arranged on behalf of BanglaCafe to the UK's most popular theme park - Alton Towers. The trip was exciting and also a major success. Click here for few pictures we have in our collection.

BanglaCafe is organized a third get together on January, 2003 at Dhaka, Bangladesh. This show was another success. Please Click here for images.

BanglaCafe had the 4th Get Together Party in Dec 31st, 2005 @ EFES-GULSHAN-1, Dhaka. Check out the pictures gallery:

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